Posted by: ckckred | October 22, 2011

The Good Ol’ Footage Found Films

I haven’t seen The Blair Witch Project.  Nor do I want to.  If there’s one movie genre I don’t like, it’s horror.  I never understood why some people want to be scared, though I assume it is for the adrenaline rush.  But I’ve met people who say The Bair Witch Project is extremely scary, while I hear others say that it’s one of the cheapest films made.

The movie series Paranormal Activity is like Blair Witch, except instead of a witch you don’t see, it’s a phantom.  Or a ghoul.  Or a ghost.  Whatever.  The series start out by saying this footage was found from a family, who supposedly thought they’re haunted.  Like Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity is cheap, and was also a surprising hit.

The “footage found” idea has been getting old.  The critically panned Blair Witch 2: Book of Secrets (which actually doesn’t have anything to do with a “Book of Secrets” was critically maligned.  Hollywood keeps assuming this is a quick, easy formula that’s cheap and makes a lot of dough.

The one good thing about these films is that they’ve taken away the gross, gore-covered slashers, like Final Destination, Scream, and the blood-covered Saw.  But essentially, they don’t apply enough work to make their stories any different.  According to the stories of the first two Paranormal Activities from Wikipedia, the two films have way too similar plots.  Maybe Hollywood should try a new horror formula.


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