Posted by: ckckred | October 22, 2011

Grammer pulls a Cranston

Yesterday on Starz, Boss premiered.  The show stars Kelsey Grammar, who “in the first few minutes pretty much obliterates any memory of Frasier Crane,” says James Poniewozik of Time Magazine.

The real problem with Grammer’s last series, Hank, was that he was essentially playing Frasier Cane.  Grammer even said his wife married him “thinking I was Frasier Crane.”

Frasier is a great character.  But all actors need to play different characters.  (I remember a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Jason Alexander tells Larry David that everyone thinks he’s George).  So Grammer decided to do something smart.  He decided to go to drama.

Essentially, Grammer is hoping to do the same thing Bryan Cranston did in 2008: change an actor who played a lovable, comic role to play a dark antihero.  The formula worked, and Cranston won 3 Emmys and made Breaking Bad into one of the most critically praised shows of the past decade.

Grammer plays Tom Kane (with no relationship to Frasier Crane), a ruthless Chicago mayor.  When he learns he will die in a few years, and grow mentally unstable even quicker, he tries to keeps this hush-hush.

How Grammar will do, you will have to judge by the pilot.  But let me tell you this, Tom Kane is no Frasier Crane.


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