Posted by: ckckred | October 21, 2011

How the Oscars have Made a Bad Reputation for Themselves

A few years ago, the Oscars made a new rule, stating that now there will be 10 best picture nominees.  In some ways, this was good, with movies that are usually ignored under the Best Picture category getting nominated, such as Pixar.  But it was really just an excuse for the Oscars to get broader, popular films nominated.  Because obviously they are better than those fancy-pants pictures those critics love.

That was sarcasm, if you didn’t see it.  With these new rules, movies that are good but not Best Picture good were nominated, such as The Blind Side.  This all just seems to be a show for the ratings, instead of the victories for the deserving winners.

However, voters seemed to disagree with the new rules, and in the 83rd Oscars, only critically praised films got nominated for Oscars, with the only real big blockbuster Inception.

This year, the Oscars have changed it back, sort of.  Now the Best Picture nominees will range between 5 to 10 nominations.

Okay, first off, what is wrong with just 5 best picture nominees?  When a nomination list gets longer, it’s harder for analysts to predict the nominees.  Plus now, there is no definite number of Best Picture nominations.

Oscars, just switch back to 5 nominees.  Care about the film industry, not your ratings.


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