Posted by: ckckred | October 15, 2011

TV Week: An Aftermath of a Week

Okay, so what’s up with TV this week?

Well, this week’s South Park means that Stan has lost his cynicism disease, but this week had a strong Butters plot, with him leading an immigration movement across the border.  Not as good as last week’s episode, or “You’re Getting Old”, but still good.

Community, meanwhile, had one of its best episodes this week.  The plot, which revolved around the gang going to Troy and Abed’s new apartment, and seven different scenarios when someone went to pick up the pizza.  This may sound boring, but it allowed the show to give off a ton of laughs.

Parks and Recreation, meanwhile, gave a good episode.  The Ron-Leslie plot line was the strongest part of the episode.  I have noticed how the writers have increasingly made Ben more geeky, which is not a bad thing, but may change his character.

The Office had a good episode, but without Michael in the series, I’m wondering who is supposed to be the lead character in the series.  Rainn WIlson is the first one credited in the intro, but Ed Helms has essentially taken Michael’s role.

Now for new TV shows, Last Man Standing, which is Tim Allen’s return to TV, which is essentially a rehash of Allen’s old show, Home Improvement.  When Home first came out, it became the highest rated comedy on TV, and the most popular.  But eventually, the show’s place was taken by a vastly superior show, Seinfeld, which I may consider the best show of all time, along with The Simpsons.  I have never been a Home fan, and Allen’s return is similar to Paul Reiser’s unsuccessful return to TV last year.

Breaking Bad had its season finale this weekend, and I am finally going to start watching the first season.  I heard many great things about the show, so I’m pretty excited.

What do you think was good this week?


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