Posted by: ckckred | September 29, 2011

A Week Full of Posts All in One

Okay, I have been busy for the past week, so I have not filled out any posts.  I’m sorry, so I will fill out all my posts in one.  I wish I could give these an individual post or review for each one, but I can’t do it all in one day.

First off, Moneyball, which in my opinion, is the best film so far that came out this year.  It will probably be nominated for an Oscar, (will it beat George Clooney and Steven Spielberg, probably not, but it could be a competitor).  Is it better than Aaron Sorkin’s last movie he scripted, The Social Network?  No, but it is still great.

Next up, NBC’s Thursday Night.  There were solid premieres of Parks and Recreation and Community.  As for The Office, I enjoyed the episode, and liked seeing Andy as the boss.  The show seems like it could survive without Michael after all.

In the less-beloved TV shows is Two and a Half Men.  Charlie Sheen Harper’s death was Chuck Lorre’s way to get revenge on him (he was hit by a train and exploded).  Meanwhile, a internet billionaire (Kutcher) buys the house, and somehow leaves the old residents, Men‘s old residents in.  Men‘s send up of Sheen lacked, well, really any heart or care.  Compare it to South Park‘s send up of Isaac Hayes, who plays Chef.  Chef is hypnotized by the Super Adventure Club (aka Scientology), falls off a bridge, catches on fire, and gets eaten by bears and cougars.  But at the end of the episode, Matt Stone and Trey Parker address that the Hayes who quit South Park wasn’t the Hayes they knew.  The episode was both funny and heartwarming, both things Two and a Half Men isn’t.  The show pretty much said “thank God Sheen’s gone.” (See Chef’s Eulogy below, along with Charlie Harper’s).

Ashton Kutcher somehow is worse than Charlie Sheen, and just isn’t very funny.  Now you don’t have to be disappointed with Kutcher at the movies, you can also be disappointed on TV.

Now for Terra Nova, the most anticipated show of the year.  The show has an interesting premise, but doesn’t have too great acting or writing.  I’ll keep watching to see if the show finds its voice.

Anyway, what do you think?

Watch Chef’s Eulogy video clip. At the memorial service, Kyle reminds the town of the Chef they grew to love.

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  1. I really liked Terra Nova. it is nice to see a fresh new series. They definitely spared no expense! I agree with you that they made it clear that Charlie Sheen is gone from the show, and that no one really seems to miss him. I guess it is a comedy.

    I’ll be curious to see how The Office and Two and a Half Men do without their big stars. Keep us posted.

  2. I can’t wait to see Moneyball – I have heard all sorts of great comments about it! Two and A Half Men used to be one of my favorite shows – not enjoying it so much this season. As obnoxious as Charlie is, he is a really funny actor!

    • I never found Charlie Sheen to be funny, but moronic. Sadly, he still is funnier than the annoying and obnoxious Ashton Kutcher

  3. I haven’t seen Terra Nova. When is it on and what is it about? Is it worth watching?

    • It’s about a family who travels back to the dinosaurs. It’s a fun show for the family, but not exactly Mad Men/Breaking Bad material.

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