Posted by: ckckred | September 23, 2011

Oscars’ New Rule: Why it’s a Bad Idea

The Oscars just recently announced a few new rules.  One new one is that competitors cannot complain about their rivals on Social Network sites.  Academy COO Ric Robertson explains, “It’s really a perception problem for us.The Oscars are about what our members see on screen and think is quality work. To the extent that the public dialog about the Oscars is who threw a good party or ran a successful campaign versus the quality of the work, that’s off-point for us. We want people to be taking about the work.”

Another rule states that once the nominations are announced, academy members aren’t aloud to a screening of a nominated film seen by a reception.  Also, individual filmmakers can’t be in more than two panel discussions on behalf of a given film to which Academy members are invited.

The final rule states academy members can’t attend a non-screening or celebration of a nominated individual.

The first rule I get, after all, it is just bad manners to be criticizing your competitors.  But the fact that academy members can’t attend many of the nominated film’s parties or receptions is beyond me.  Te Academy is worried that they would vote for these “bribes”.  But I don’t think it is a very important factor.  What do you think?




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