Posted by: ckckred | September 21, 2011

Emmys 2011: Surprise, Surprise

The Emmys yesterday were so filled with surprises.  Immediately afterward I shredded my Emmy ballot.  Not only were over half my predictions were wrong, but all the people I picked didn’t seem to win.  And that’s not bad thing for some of the winners.

First, I’ll talk about the show.  Lynch received mediocre material for the show, with a weak opening on a trip through the land of TV (though the Mad Men bit did give a lot of laughs).  But during most of the show, Lynch stayed far away from the material she receives on Glee as Sue Sylvester as far as possible.  Did the Emmys did not anything from the Oscars this year?

The problem wasn’t just the humor was nice, but felt corny and flaky, with the extremely unfunny Emmingtones singing the next genre (a waste of talent including Joel McHale and Zachary Levi), and the hilarious John Hodgman as announcer was replaced with some guy making lame cracks about the winners.

There were not many good presenters, other than the two Jimmys, Will Arnett, and Amy Poehler.  But if you count Gervais’ pre-taped presentation (Gervais was invited, not banned, as some think), it would easily be the funniest presentation.  Unfortunately, Lynch followed up with a lame joke about Gervais not receiving enough hugs and blaming Hollywood.  One rule is that you don’t make fun of someone who is actually funny.

Other notable presenters included Charlie Sheen, who said a pretty forced apology to Two and a Half Men and Warner Bros., and Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer, who seemed to be further promoting Two and a Half Men.

Musical performances either ranged from bad (Emmingtones), awkward (Opening), to good (In Memoriam, Lonely Island).

The pre-taped bits were also a strong part of the show.  The Office bit delivered the most laughs of the night, with Jess of Breaking Bad making a delivery to Creed.  The Jersey bit, however, bombed.

The awards themselves, had many surprises.  In the drama category, Friday Night Lights surprisingly took best actor for Kyle Chandler and best writing for the finale, which received huge applause from me.  Okay, I said I wanted Mad Men to win, but the Emmys had finally apologized for 5 years of ignoring Network’s best drama.

Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones had surprisingly beat out John Slaterry, and both Connie Britton of FNL and Elizabeth Moss of Mad Men lost out to Julianna Margulies of The Good Wife.  Martin Scorese had also taken a well deserved award for directing Boardwalk Empire‘s pilot.  By the time Mad Men had won best drama, creator Matt Weiner had said he did not he was going to win.

The miniseries and movie category was different, however.  Downton Abby had beaten Mildred Pierce, proving that for once PBS could beat HBO.  Barry Pepper won for the mediocre Kennedys, and Kate Winslet won for Mildred Pierce.

The variety series award again went to The Daily Show.  The show is always deserving, though I wouldn’t mind seeing The Colbert Report win.  And three cheers for The Amazing Race, which beat American Idol for best reality-competition show.

It was the comedy section that had me mostly upset.  Modern Family had swept this section, with Lynch dubbing the Emmys the Modern Family awards.  Modern Family had won best comedy, which should have gone to Parks and Rec.  Modern Family had a steep drop off from season one, and the Emmys should have spread the wealth to a show that was funnier this year.  I was happy to see Julie Bowen and Ty Burell win though for Modern Family.  

If the Emmys were trying to lower their image even more, they succeeded by giving Melissa McCarthy the award for best actress in a comedy series for Bridesmaids Mike and Molly.  When she won, I honestly first thought it was a joke.  It was bad enough that Laura Linney was probably going to win.  But honestly, McCarthy makes Linney winning look like Scorese winning for Goodfellas.  Shouldn’t the winner have been Amy Poehler, whose work on Parks and Rec was the best out of all the nominees.

But the biggest groan of the night was Jim Parsons winning over Steve Carell.  I have said before that Parsons is great on The Big Bang Theory.  But Carell was better on The Office, plus it was his final year AND he has never won before.  Parsons later said backstage that he thought Carell should have won, similar in 2006 when Tony Shalhoub (Monk) caused an equally groaning upset over Carell.  Shalhoub said on stage that the Emmys made a big mistake.  Co-Office member Rainn Wilson tweeted an outburst against the Emmys, saying that they had robbed one of the greatest characters in TV history.  Plus, if there was an upset, shouldn’t it have gone to Louis C. K.?

But what did you think of the Emmys?


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