Posted by: ckckred | September 12, 2011

Entourage Finale: Goodbye to Vince and his Pals

(Spoilers Alert for the Finale of Entourage)

Note: I have not watched much of Entourage or the show’s finale, so I am basing my knowledge on critic’s reviews that have come out today.  I am putting this out today for those who want to read it.  I am going to pre-apoligize for any mistakes I may make.

Some TV Shows, such as Lost, are made to see the end.  But Entourage is a show that would and could run forever.  The show’s conclusion the strongest episode in years.  Written by the show’s creator, Doug Ellin, the show tied up many of its lose knots.  The show ended saying that Vince and his pals would go on and on and on.

We saw Vince fly of to Paris to get married, E had finally won over Sloan, Turtle had lost a ton of weight, and Ari, the mean, grouchy,agent had finally won back his wife, only at the final second to receive an extraordinary job offer you knew he wouldn’t refuse.

What made Entourage wasn’t the setting of the show, or the glitz and glamor, but the “bromance” of Vince and his pals.  It was a lot like a family-friendly kids show that wasn’t for the family.  But the tale of Entourage hasn’t quite finished yet.  Remember the movie, fans.


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