Posted by: ckckred | September 3, 2011

Kid’s TV to Adults: What’s Better?

Do you prefer Spongebob over Mad Men?  iCarly over Curb Your Enthusiasm?  Adventure Time over Two and a Half Men (okay, well the answer there is obvious).

Kid’s TV is one that critics rarely judge, not that they think it’s bad, but because, well, for kids.  I haven’t watched a kids show for a very long time, but some of the shows can actually be pretty enjoyable.  Take Drake and Josh for example.  I enjoyed the show and thought it to be pretty funny.

When most people think of kids shows, they think of animated TV shows, which may just be the reason kids transition from children shows to animated shows for adults, such as The Simpson or Family Guy.

Animated TV for kids is far different than that for adults.  Take the show Rugrats for example.  Rugrats was a show about a group of babies who had adventures and played all the times.  Compare that to early South Park, where the show started out as a spoof of children’s shows, where kids were rude and foul-mouthed (Let’s play “Kick the Baby!”)

Kid’s show may need more attention, because it’s what kids want to watch all day.



  1. I agree with you. Kids shows don’t seem to get enough attention from critics. Some kids shows are brilliant (Spongebob), some are… not. Parents probably would be appalled at some of the shows their kids watch.

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