Posted by: ckckred | August 30, 2011

Emmys: What’s so great about The Big C?

The Emmys really have a problem with dramedies, so to say.  They’ve been hogging nominations and awards that deserve to go to actual comedies.  Last year, Edie Falco won for Nurse Jackie (which I don’t mind, because she is a great actress, but they good have done better).  This year, it looks like it will go to Laura Linney of, that’s right, The Big C.

You can debate whether The Big C is a good show or not.  But seriously, how many people have you heard of actual saying they liked?  How many critics put it on any of their lists?  And my last point, how is cancer supposed to be funny?

Linney was nominated for her stardom, not for her performance.  Like other actors in the past, such as the insufferable Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Men, she was nominated to get people to watch the Emmys.  She is not the least bit deserving to win, not even to be nominated.

If the Emmys had a brain, well, Amy Poehler would win.  Poehler’s the funniest one in the list, and she delivers one of the best performances on TV.  In fact, everyone on this list is better than Linney.

Of coarse, Emmys being Emmys, you always need something to complain about.


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