Posted by: ckckred | August 26, 2011

Pee-Wee Herman picks Emmy Winners

Paul Reubens, famous for playing Pee-Wee Herman, picks his choices at the Emmys.

Reubens told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s rooting for 30 Rock to win.  “Nothing is funnier than that — although those are all really, really funny shows,” he says.  He also picks a tie between Tina Fey and Martha Plimpton.

For best actor in a comedy, he forecasts a tie between Carell and Louis C. K., though he gives Carell an edge.  “I hope they include me this season but I think it’s already what’s his name … James Spader. But maybe it’s going to be like Murphy Brown where there’s a new boss every week. I loved that gag!”

For drama, Reubens roots for Friday Night Lights and Connie Britton to win.  For best actor in a drama, Reubens says “I’m a corporate guy now, so I think [Boardwalk Empire’sSteve Buscemi … and [House’sHugh Laurie; it’s another tie!”

Reubens is nominate for best comedy or variety special at the Emmys.


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