Posted by: ckckred | August 25, 2011

Portal: No Escape is Stupefying

I have just finished beating both Portal and Portal 2 on my XBOX, so it was incredible to see a live action version of the video game.

The director behind this, Dan Trachtenberg, has worked commercials and is the co-host in The Totally Rad Show podcasts.  He started filming the movie about a year and a half ago, and finished just the post production and visuals recently.

The short film is pretty much the idea of the first Portal game, with Chell trapped in a prison cell, until she finds a Portal Gun and uses it to escape.  This is a little different than the video game for those who have played it, where Chell completes tests for GLaDOS, but you get the point.

The film both presents a spectacular amount of visuals and presses in much emotion in a wordless six minute film.  Watch it below.


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