Posted by: ckckred | August 13, 2011

Box Office: Who Will Win?

This week, a few new films come out, 30 Minutes or Less, The Help, and Final Destination 5.  The champ, however, will probably be Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which won last weekend.  The film will probably gross about $25 million this weekend.

In second will most likely be FD 5.  The film’s 3-D screenings might bolster up the gross to about $18 million.

Third will probably be The Help, which being critically praised, might score a healthy $15 million, maybe $20 million if lucky.

Fourth will most likely be 30 Minutes, because the film hasn’t scored very positive review, and I think people are tired of all the R-rated comedies coming out.



  1. I agree that The Help will do well. There have been very few movies for adults this summer in my opinion. I thought Bridesmaids was hilarious, and I believe it did well. The Help might appeal to the same audience even though it is a very different kind of film.

    I love your posts ckckred!

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