Posted by: ckckred | August 11, 2011

Will Steve Carell finally win an Emmy?

As Emmy season is coming up, critics wonder if the golden statue will finally go to Steve Carell.  And for good reason.  Carell has created and refigured Ricky Gervais’ already fantastic David Brent into the ultimate self-embarrassing Michael Scott, who may just be one of the greatest television characters of all time.

This season definitely wasn’t The Office’s strongest (the honor would go to season 3), but I think Carell will finally win.  In 2006, Carell lost to Tony Shahlaub, whose performance is great, but I don’t think is as spectacular as Carell’s.  That was probably the Emmy’s greatest snub of all time.  And year after year after year, Carell has not yet won.  Will this year be different with his departure in The Office?

The answer is most likely yes.  Carell submitted the episode “Goodbye Michael”, which contains perhaps his strongest performance.  The other nominees include Jim Galecki, whose nomination is a surprise and isn’t exactly very strong, Jim Parsons, who is fantastic, though I don’t like The Big Bang Theory, but isn’t credible enough to win, Alec Baldwin, who has a great performance but because of 30 Rock’s weak year won’t win, and Matt LeBlanc, who I can not judge his performance because I have never seen or heard about Episodes before.

The final nominee, whose nomination was a surprise, but extremely pleasing, was Louis C. K. Louis C. K. is a fantastic and hilarious actor, and the only nominee here to be nominated for a TCA award.  And his season as a whole may be stronger than Carell’s.

But we’re forgetting the Emmy’s makes people submit episodes, because they don’t have enough time to preview whole seasons (which is something that leaves most critics quibbling).  And we’re forgetting that the Emmys don’t recognize basic cable channel comedy shows, such as Louie, as Emmy competitors, no matter how good or critically acclaimed they.

If it were any other year, I’d be rooting for Louis C. K.  But Carell finally has his chance to win, and hope dearly that he does.



  1. Carell should definetly win an emmy. It seems they have underestimated him so many times. YOUR FIRST COMMENT!

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